For years, people are drinking the water from the tap, thinking that this one is as clean as bottled ones are. The sad fact here is that it is not entirely true. Tap water failed to go through a purifying or even just a distilling process, which means that there could still be many harmful ingredients that can affect your health badly. This is why you should seriously consider getting water filtration systems for your home.

As everyone would know, water is the most important component of a human body. Sadly, with all of the technicalities that happen within the system, this doesn’t mean that any kind of water would do. According to statistics, almost 1.8 million people die from water borne diseases annually, so why take the risk? Water filters can easily help prevent such tragedies.

Especially with the technology today, there are just too many options available to you. How you can easily get clean water to ensure good health. Most of them are even inexpensive, so there is really no reason why not get one.

Generally, there are thirteen different kinds of water filtration systems. Each of them vary in methods of cleaning the water, as well as have various tools in completing the job. These filters are the following:

1. Activated carbon filters
2. Sediment filters
3. Water distillers
4. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF
5. Ceramic filters
6. Reverse osmosis
7. Magnetic filters
8. Ultraviolet filters
9. Atmospheric water generators
10. Catalytic filters
11. Alkaline water ionizers
12. Infrared filters
13. Homemade filters

These thirteen water filtration systems use varying techniques to  alternative to reverse osmosis give you water. All of them can work wonders for the purpose, albeit, some can perform better than others under certain circumstances.

To explain this phenomenon, it should be noted that water come with different extra ingredients, depending on the location and where it is from. Those from treatment plants can have a different composition from those from deep wells or local supply systems. This is why there are those things people know as hard and soft water. Some just tend to have more minerals and chemicals than others do, so they need to be filtered in a special way to remove the excess ingredients that can be unsafe for consumption.


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