Why Plumbing Websites Are the Best Marketing Investments

For any plumbing company around today, a good plumbing website is absolutely crucial to the amount of customers and new business that you hope to attract. It is definitely the most important component of your marketing campaign, and you would have to have lived under a rock for the past 20 years to not realize that. The world is only turning towards the internet more and more when it comes to finding local services, so if you aren’t on board, you will be left behind. We have put together a few reasons why a plumbing website is the best marketing investment you can make.

24 / 7 Storefront

24 hours per day and 7 days per week, your website Seattle Plumbing is the public face of your company. It can constantly reach customers at any time, providing you an immense amount more exposure than you would normally have. This could be HUGE for your company’s image. Compare the 24/7 exposure to the 30 second radio ad, or small print advertisement in the middle of some local newspaper, both of which you paid tons more for. This is a good example of how traditional marketing methods simply cannot compete with online methods any more.

Highest ROI

If you break down the numbers, a website will generate you a much higher Return on Investment (ROI) than any other method out there. If you look at the $2,000 you spent on a 30 second radio ad, which generated you 5 new customers (a completely realistic scenario), you get a cost-per-customer of $400. It would really take some serious profit margins and huge jobs to try and make back that money.

Now look at the kind of numbers you could have with a new, effective plumbing website. Our websites cost as little as $75 per month, and routinely generate companies 10-20 new customers per month. That’s a whopping $3.75 – 7.50 per new customer! I would much rather be paying $3.75 instead of $400.

FREE Marketing Exposure

One of the most incredible concepts that your website would have going for it would be the massive exposure from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your website will start to climb the ranks of search engine results pages, and fairly soon, will be getting you tons of new traffic, all for FREE! The goal is that every time someone searches for plumbing services in your area, your website will come up, and they will contact you.


So in conclusion, a good plumbing website is the absolute best thing you can invest in when it comes to marketing. The Internet is already the biggest player in people finding local businesses, and will only continue to get more so that way.

Hendricksen Design has come out with a series of Plumbing Websites that focus on three important things –

– Being Easy to Use

– Generating More Customers

– Being Affordable


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