With all due respect to all the fine ladies out there, may I ask a question on behalf of call girls in lahore every man?

What do girls want?

Frankly, most men just can’t figure you out. And maybe that’s the way it should be – a little mystery goes a long way, doesn’t it? But still, we still ask ourselves:


  • Why doesn’t she return my phone calls?
  • She flirts but gets turned off when I make a move! Why?
  • Why did she cancel our date at the last minute?
  • Does she want a nice guy or a bad guy? I can’t figure her out!


Frustrating to say the least! This reminds me of a story. It happened to a friend of mine named Sean. Sean was complaining to me about this girl he met. She showed all the signs of being attracted to him:


  • She came on to HIM!
  • SHE flirted!
  • SHE asked HIM out on a date!
  • SHE kissed him FIRST!


Then, at the last minute she called him and cancelled the date! No reason why. And to make matters worse, she wouldn’t return ANY of his phone calls or text messages!

Sound familiar?

Sean called me up because he needed some advice. You know what I did? I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Who can figure out a woman!” That’s right…even guys like me can’t figure them out all the time!

We ended up laughing about it but still…it’s pretty frustrating.

Nevertheless, here’s four points to remember for Sean and every other guy out there:


  1. Guys use logic – women use emotions!
  2. Women like to test men – oh YES they do!
  3. Women like to play mind games – but THEY make up the rules!
  4. Some women are JUST PLAIN FLAKY!


Consider this:

Looking at Sean’s situation there is a possibility that this girl was simply testing him. She was looking for something that he didn’t deliver. What was it? Only SHE would know that. Obviously, Sean failed as would most any other man.

The truth is…most every woman you meet will test you and play some kind of mind game. It may be so subtle that you don’t even know it. Typically, they are looking for a specific emotional reaction that THEY are trying to create in themselves or in YOU!

Sometimes it’s a simple as a woman wanting to put herself in a power situation. Not all women are like that but some are. This could be the reason a woman cancels a date or ignores phone calls and text messages.

Is there any way to stop this from happening?

That’s a tough one and there are no hard and fast rules. You can’t always control or predict the actions of a woman. My advice is to IMMEDIATELY challenge a woman when she starts acting like a flake. This will put YOU in control.

What do girls want? Sometimes not even THEY know that!

We all run into women like that. If you do, it’s up to you to decide if she is worth the trouble. If not, just remember…there’s plenty of fish in the sea and not all of them are FLAKY!!


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