In today’s tough economic times, buying a used car may be the right choice for you especially if you are in a tight money situation. The key to buying a good quality used car is to take your time and check out the vehicles properly. Do not fall in love with one particular car just because it looks pretty and has all the bells and whistles that you want. You must be very careful in doing the right homework in order not to end up with a lemon or a problem vehicle.

There are only two different possibilities when looking to buy a used vehicle. You can go the dealer route or you can look to buy a car from a private party. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both.

Buying a car from a private party will typically be cheaper than buying a car from a new or used car dealer. This is because private parties do not have the overhead that a car dealer has. The downside is that you are buying a vehicle without a warranty, which could be an issue if this is a problem vehicle.

New and used car dealers will charge reg check you more money than a private party because that’s their business. They need to cover their overhead and make a profit. But on the other hand, dealers can offer you a warranty and many times can fix minor problems where a private party cannot. Certain dealerships offer certified pre owned vehicles that were fully checked out by them and offer an extended manufacturer’s warranty. These cars are typically more expensive but offer you a certain peace of mind.

No matter which route you decide to go in purchasing your used vehicle, I highly recommend two very important steps that you should take. Firstly you should always ask for and get a Carfax report showing the vehicles history including any accidents, odometer readings and ownership history on the vehicle you are interested in. Most reliable dealers will give you one for free. You should also have the vehicle checked out by your independent mechanic to make sure there are no surprises. Just remember when buying a used vehicle, it’s buyer beware so make sure you are getting what you think you are getting.

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