Are you thinking of using an elk outfitter for your future elk hunt? Are you debating if an outfitter might be right for you? There are many pros and cons to using an outfitter for elk hunting and until you know them all you should make a decision one way or another. This article was designed to help educate a hunter on which decision is best for them. First and foremost it’s important that you never give any deposits to an outfitter until you’re 100% sure you’re going to use their services. Most of them will not refund your deposit or will keep a large percent of it as a fee for canceling your hunt.

There are many pros to using an outfitter for hunting elk. The most obvious is that you’ll be able to use their experience and knowledge to greatly increase your chance of success on your hunt. Most outfitters have spent years hunting and are able to make a living helping others be successful on their hunting trips. You’ll also benefit from the fact that most outfitters will already have the permit or tag required to hunt elk in the state they operate in; you’ll just need to get a hunting license. They can also provide you with everything you need gear wise and offer lodging during your entire trip.

As with anything along with pros there are cons. When it comes to an outfitter one of the main cons is the fact that you can’t be guaranteed a harvest. Many outfitters offer so called “guaranteed hunts”, but if you think about it no one can make that promise or know for a 100% fact that you’ll get an elk. This means you might see and elk, and if you take a shot and miss it’s your loss. You’ll want to make sure and research any outfitter that you plan on using. This includes doing a Google search on their name to find any available reviews and making a call to the local wildlife management department to see if they can legally offer outfitter services.

As you can see there are many different pros and cons when it comes to using an elk hunting outfitter. At the end of the day you need to decide what is best for you. Generally if you’re an experienced hunter and have a friend or relative with elk hunting experience you could offer to bring them along instead of using an outfitter. However, if you’re a novice hunter you may benefit from the services of an outfitter.


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