Samsung UE46D7000 Review

The most recent Samsung UE46D7000 telly model has emerged as a highly acclaimed device with excellent performance and appearance combination. The television comes with high end technology which has raised the bar high for all its competitors. The extremely thin layout which is due to its translucent bezel is certainly an asset of this highly slender Samsung 46D7000. 55au7700

2D to 3D convertor, Freeview HD, 4 HDMI, Skype and Web browser with Smart Hub are the assets of this 46 inch Full 3D HD 1080p LED model. The television stands out from the rest owing to its noticeably indistinguishable screen that improves the 3D image viewing an outstanding experience. Under the transparent cover, there exists a black metal panel. Thus a floating effect is obtained for the picture which resembles the slenderness of a poster on the walls. The Samsung UE46D7000YU telly model is liberated from certain bothersome flaws of previous LCD and Plasma models like images ghosting around or high concentration of dark shades. In this new model, Samsung has significantly reduced the problem of images ghosting around to an extent where viewers will probably not be able to notice them. The vibrant and effective image presentation caused by rich color and brightness saturation of this television is certainly an asset. Hi-definition video recording in the Samsung 46D7000 is explicitly comprehensive. It is a delight to behold the snap and purity of the images without putting any of the television’s sharpness-enhancer features into action. The television is capable of presenting the poorest quality image sources in a visibly pleasant manner.

Samsung as a manufacturer has put in continuous effort to improve the device’s motion handling feature and it can be successfully noticed in this model. This new model comes with certain changes in its 3D glass. It syncs with the Bluetooth technology instead of Infrared. However there are certain traces of backlight inconsistency in this model and the screen reflects lights in some parts.

Another intricate feature of the Samsung 46D7000 is that the moment it detects that the 3D content has stopped flowing in, it immediately switches off the glass. Since years, the sound quality has been an issue with the Samsung telly models. The new Samsung UE46D7000 stands apart due to its noticeable improvement in sound quality.

To further enhance the impact of drama and action scenes, the television moves up its gears levels up which is an evidence of its expansion ability. The sound mix with hints of bass and excellent clarity for dialogues and voice enhances the experience several folds.

The Samsung UE46D7000 is capable of accommodating several cables that too without any adaptor attached. It is equipped with a digital optical audio out, headphone connectors, Scart, 4x HDMI and Ethernet LAN connection. Smart Hub is an added feature available with the Samsung UE46D7000 that lets the viewers explore all available television contents by downloading various apps. For an enjoyable online surfing experience, there is a built-in web browser in this model. Samsung has incorporated the unique Your Video facility in this model which serves as an informative source for television viewers.


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