For managing money when betting on football, you really need a lot of patience and focus. Following are some tips on money management:

1.Bank Roll: You need to establish a bankroll with small amount of money and later allow it to flourish gradually. Have a plan on how to establish the bankroll and how much amount of money is required in the bankroll.

2 Betting Stake Unit: If you are a beginner, then it is good to have 1% bet unit of the bankroll. For instance, with a bankroll of £150 your bet unit becomes £15 (£150 x 0.1 = £15). If you are an aggressive punter, you may have your bet unit as 2% of your bankroll which comes out to be £30 with the above-mentioned example. Whatever the type of betting style you opt for, it is always better to have the betting units low, as this reduces the risk of losing, throughout the betting session.

3.Time to Quit: It is important to set a winning goal and a losing limit for the betting session. This is important, since it will help you to maintain control over your betting habits. Set reasonable amounts that you may afford to lose. For instance, a loss limit of five consecutive losses is a reasonable goal to set. If you have reached your losing limit, then there is no use to stay and lose more. Just quit and take a break and never try to chase losses.
4. Limit of the Bankroll: Do not risk more than 25% of your bankroll, even if there is a reduction in your bet amount.

5. Stick to a Bet Plan: To win money, you need to stick to a single football betting plan on a particular game. เว็บแทงบอลโลก Bet only after you gain through knowledge about every possible odd.

Final Step:

Try to find out what type of punter you are to choose the right type of money management system. For instance, if you are a high-risk punter, then Martingale is the best money management system for you. However, you really need to take care about your bankroll, since Martingale is a high-risk system.

If you are a low risk punter, then Kelly Criteria is the best-suited money management system for you. Finally, have patience and focus for an overall winning football betting exchange experience.

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