If you haven’t been there, you’ve at least heard about it! You can picture a young couple sleeping at the lobby of a hotel, cold, hungry and trying to keep their baby safe. Vclubshop They are counting the 14 hours they still have left before their flight takes off, while angry people are trying to call a non-existent travel agency or discount travel club where they booked their very needed vacation. It sounded great! A very cheap travel certificate for 7 nights and an extra free night at the hotel of their dreams. Scary thought to find out that after they packed their suitcases and took a flight to their destination, the hotel didn’t exist, the extra night was never something the hotel agreed upon, the “all-inclusive” was just a sales line, and so on.

Are Discount Travel Clubs a scam? Is there a way to prevent falling for this type of deals? Or a way to find out which deals are genuine? While there is not a perfect formula to reveal all the hundreds of fake discount travel companies out there, there are ways to help you recognize them.

What to look for when you are introduced to a Discount Travel Club

There are a few things you can consider while booking Vclubshop a trip, buying a travel certificate or joining a travel membership club.

1. Research about the Company offering the deals. If the company already has thousands of members, read reviews and testimonials. Focus on the percentage of complaints to see how many people post a positive testimonial vs how many people post a bad one. Read about what both comments talk about the most. For example, a bad testimonial can be talking about a non-existent deal, or about being abandoned in the middle of nowhere while they were traveling. If the negative comments are repetitive, take this as a warning sign. On the other hand, read the positive comments, and what they have in common. Sometimes even bad comments are due to personal mistakes, rather than those of a company, and positive ones are due to experienced travelers knowing how and where to book as well. Learn from these reviews and about what people are doing to make the best of a particular experience.

2. Read about how long a Discount Travel Club has been in business. Companies that have been in the market for a long time, or at least 5 years have more chances of being reliable because they already have enough members, know the industry, have a better discount database.

3. How many members does the Club have? The more, the better. A Company with many members will do everything it can to keep them loyal and happy. There are plenty of Clubs that offer great discounts and have over a million members. This is always a good sign if accompanied by a high percentage of positive testimonials.

4. What companies are they offering discounts from? If you see that the Club offers discounts from recognized brands (hotels, car rentals, cruises Vclubshop , and so on) you can be more relaxed about joining this particular travel club. A genuine travel club will always be open about their discounts, the brands and even locations available.

5. They offer you a way to join without asking for your credit card number. If a company offers you a great deal (certificate, free trip, membership and so on) and wants to take your credit card number over the phone, better to pass on the deal. Most likely it will not be a deal at all. A genuine company might offer you a payment service over the phone, but they will always give you an alternative method that is safe, and most likely done online.

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