Peel Away Ads

How many times have you visited a site and then immediately been bombarded with all kinds of advertising, ads, pop ups, and those sneaky pop-unders? It happens to everyone, and it happens all the time..most marketers make it hard for you to leave their site on purpose thinking you will eventually read what they have to offer and buy. Pop ups have to be the most annoying of the bunch, there was a time about 3-4 years ago when pop ups reigned supreme as the most popular way to advertise (or bug people). They were so annoying that big companies like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo came up with their own pop up blockers and made a lot of money off of it.

The times are changing and so are the  classified free ads  techniques involved for getting the visitors attention. The new thing now is Peel Away Ads. Now, first off, the first time I heard of this I started to think like I did before…these are annoying ads/boxes that keep you from navigating the site you are on. I was wrong, these ads hide away in the corner of a page and don’t appear unless YOU hover over them, clicking them activates a link to another site or ads page. I am not an advertiser, but this I thought was pretty ingenious. This gives the user a sense of control over what they see and click on, if you dont want to click on ads then don’t and visa versa. If you were to visit a page with Peel Away Ads, you would probably see a small piece of the top corners look like they are actually “peeling” off of the page and the second you hover your mouse over it BAM you get a nice peel away ads displaying something the owner wants you to see.

Here is a quote directly from the University of Washington from research conducted in 1999: “The average American is exposed to 500 to 1,000 commercial messages a day. That’s anywhere from 182,500 to 365,000 commercial messages that a person will view this year alone.” Think about that, that was back in 1999 and its almost 11 years later! Those numbers have gotten MUCH bigger im sure. Ads have gotten much smarter, from the way Google AdSense works to the Yahoo ads to Amazon ads, things are evolving beyond what we can comprehend, for us regular surfers at least.

Peel Away Ads are great if you have a product you are selling and then have a bonus for that product…this ad system is non intrusive, thats what I like about it. Peel away ads can turn webmasters some big profits if they use it right, but to us normal users we just see a shiny object in the corner of a page and we think “oh, whats that? looks cool, il click it”…and then we are hooked, chances are the ad is relevant to the page you are viewing so you are already sold on the idea of that page. No need to rehash the same garbage over and over again.

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