Finding meeting rooms to rent can be difficult both for the numerous requests, and therefore for the lack of availability, especially at certain times of the year, and for the costs that are not always sustainable for individuals and small businesses. In the case of coworking, on the other hand, the rental of meeting rooms can prove to be an advantageous deal, especially for freelancers and start-uppers. The rooms, all well equipped, can accommodate from 6 to 12 people and can be easily booked through a special online calendar tai pei virtual office.

Meeting room rental : costs

A problem related to renting meeting rooms is the economic aspect. According to some surveys, was the most expensive for the rental of a space in a 50-seat meeting-hub , which can cost, on average, over 500 euros. Coworking, on the other hand, offers the rental of meeting rooms starting from 200 euros. Holding corporate events and meetings in a coworking space like Coworking doesn’t just save money. Other opportunities are given by the fact of organizing meetings and conventions in a vital and creative space, where start-ups, companies and creative talents come into contact every day.

The advantages of choosing a business center for seminars

The choice is important and fits all business budgets.

A sales team helps you create your event.

The insurance benefit equipped rooms.

Easy access.

What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is defined as an enclosed and equipped space suitable for hosting a range of up to about 15 people. A suitable place to exchange opinions, hold interviews and discuss or confront each other.

The patrons of these organized spaces meet to discuss various topics, often all around a table. The meeting rooms are equipped with a video projector as an alternative to an IWB or a large screen where presentations of various kinds are made.

We provide you with modern and functional spaces where you can hold your business meetings, your training courses or organize staff recruitment. In our meeting rooms you can organize interviews, or set up a temporary showroom to show your products to potential customers.

The versatility of our spaces allows you to have training rooms , meeting rooms , event rooms , temporary showrooms and coworking. All the rooms are air conditioned, wired and equipped with wi-fi internet connection as well as being equipped with an amplification system and projection screen. We can set them up according to your specific needs, with an interactive whiteboard and / or video projector.


尋找會議室出租可能很困難,因為請求眾多,因此缺乏可用性,尤其是在一年中的某些時候,以及個人和小企業並不總是可持續的成本。另一方面,在聯合辦公的情況下,會議室的租賃可以證明是一項有利的交易,特別是對於自由職業者和初創企業而言。房間設備齊全,可容納 6 12 人,並可通過特殊的在線日曆大培虛擬辦公室輕鬆預訂。


與租用會議室有關的一個問題是經濟方面。根據一些調,在 50 個座位的會議中心租用空間是最昂貴的,平均成本可能超過 500 歐元。另一方面,聯合辦公提供 200 歐元起的會議室租賃服務。在像這樣的聯合辦公空間舉辦公司活動和會議不僅可以省錢。其他機會來自於在一個重要且富有創意的空間組織會議和大會,初創企業、公司和創意人才每天都在這裡接觸。







會議室被定義為一個封閉且設備齊全的空間,適合容納多達 15 人。一個合適的地方交流意見,進行採訪,討論或相互對抗。

這些有組織的空間的顧客開會討論各種話題,通常都是圍著一張桌子。台北 虛擬辦公室 會議室配備了視頻投影儀,可替代或用於進行各種演示的大屏幕。



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