Australia has a well-developed education system, with very high rates of secondary and tertiary school participation, and some of the best private schools in the world. The responsibility for schools are divided between state/ territory and federal governments. The education system is divided broadly into five areas,

o preschool /kindergarten

o primary school

o high school/secondary college

o public or private career / vocational training

o public or private university

In Australia, you usually get what you pay for in schools. However, unlike other countries, there are some excellent public (state run) schools. So have a good look around and do your homework. Attendance is compulsory in most states and territories until the age of fifteen,   澳洲升學 but most students stay on to complete their high school education; year 12 being the final year.

In Australia, the system of teaching and school discipline is often viewed as quite different when compared to some other countries. Parents who have migrated here often find that there is more of an emphasis on encouraging a child’s interest and enthusiasm in learning and also in teaching them self-discipline, research and learning by discovery.

When enrolling your children in a school, you will have the choice between public (state government) or private (independent) schools. Education at public schools is inexpensive. The costs will include a small annual school fee to cover extra activities for example school building funds (tax deductible) or library costs and also extras for their children such as books, uniforms and excursions. Private or independent schools set their own fee structure and receive a subsidy from both Federal and State governments.

If your children are younger than school age (5) there are many full-time and part-time childcare services, although availability can be an issue.



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