Is There a Better Way to Collect Charitable Contributions Then Web Donations?

Perhaps one of the greatest boons to come along with the introduction of the internet is the ability to transfer funds quickly and securely from one account to another. As critical as this is for conducting everyday commerce, it is an even more critical development in the world of charitable organizations whose life’s blood is derived from financial donations from benefactors. Those nonprofits that rely heavily on the generosity of others from web donations to continue their operations, and provide support and services for their clients, are in seventh heaven when it comes to the direct transfer of funds from someone’s account into their coffers.

Although nonprofits still rely on cash เว็บตรง contributions from fund raising activities associated with canisters placed on store countertops, pass the hat activities, checks coming from donors responding to print ads, television, or radio commercials, corporate fund raisers, mail campaigns, and the like, nothing beats a direct contribution made to the nonprofit via web donations. Immediate and complete, a direct funds transfer leaves nothing to the imagination. No waiting for a patron to receive your request in the mail to make out a check for their telethon pledge amount, no “the check is in the mail”, and no insufficient funds to worry about.

Crisp, clean, and simple. A direct transfer from one account to another. Immediate cash flow. No questions left to gum up the works. This is the real beauty of being able to solicit funds from donors via web donations directly associated with your nonprofit website. Those nonprofits that fail to recognize the true raw power of being able to market their charity via a website, the ability to easily direct an interested party to a fast and simple way to make web donations, while providing a simple way to complete the financial end of the transaction simply haven’t gotten the memo. In today’s world, not only is all of this very easy to accomplish, it is now expected!

There are two major ways in which one’s website can be setup to handle these fast and effective funds transfer transactions:


  • Establishing a merchant account with the major credit card processing companies for the posting of funds against a credit card (or a withdrawal from the ever increasingly popular debit card).
  • Setting up the ability to accept funds from electronic cash clearing houses.


Web donations are quickly becoming an exceptional way to generate funds to support relief efforts for major global disasters. After a tsunami hit South Asian and African and created tremendous devastation, it is estimated that over $5 billion dollars was raised through web donations to support relief efforts.


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