Writing classified ads are a great way of promoting your website products and services. Not only are you advertising, marketing and promoting your wares online, with some classified ad type of website, you can also benefit by generating more traffic and backlinks to your website.

Writing a classified ad is not rocket science and some of the best ads are written in a person to person tone showing the reader the features and benefits of a product or services.

The following are simple tips you can use to get better results when writing a classified ad.

1. Write two versions of your classified ad

Before you submitting your ad, take some time to write and plan out two versions of your advertisement. The first version should be 250 characters or less, while the second one should be a 3-4 paragraph version. Certain free classified ad websites will only allow brief versions of your classified ad.

2. Stay organized

Using notepad or a spreadsheet, put together a list of classified ad websites that you plan to submit to. This is important for tracking your ads and also can be used in the future when you need to post a free ad.

3. Create a selling email account

Using a service like GMail, Yahoo reddit essay writing service Mail or Hotmail, create a seller email account to ad inquiries and correspondence. It is a given that you will on occasion receive junk and spam emails. Creating a separate account frees up your personal and business email accounts.

4. Search out free classified ad websites and evaluate them

Not all free classified ad websites are the same. Some will ask you for lot’s of information, some will give you the ability to upload photos and images, some will provide direct links to your product or service page, some will be easy to navigate, some will charge for posting an advertisement and some may not provide any value to your offering at all.

5. Always post your ad in relevant categories

This is important because you do not want to promote your resume writing services in the automotive section of the ad service. Some administrators may even delete your listing if it is not relevant to the category that you have posted in.

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