The most famed scenes in any casino clip would definitely be the throwing down of cards on the table by the successful player, followed by him pulling all the chips towards himself, grinning like a Cheshire cat! That is Poker!

The dictionary definition of Poker is a game of cards involving two or more players in which bets are placed, money exchanges hands and lady luck rewards valuable hands. Poker is essentially a collective term given to any game of cards which involves betting. There are many variants to the game and popular variants include, straight poker(the grandfather of all poker), stud poker (which involves a 7 card play) and Draw poker(where unwanted cards are allowed to be disposed off and new cards drawn.)

All poker cards are given rankings. Higher the ranks, higher the chances of winning.

A flush occurs when all 5 cards in hand are of the same type, i.e. heart, spade, club or diamonds. A straight flush is when they are of the same type as well as sequential order.

Four of a kind occurs when a person has 4 of the cards from a type, similar to say for three of a kind, and two of a kind. A full house is when a person possesses 3 cards of a type and the other 2 of another type. A high card occurs when, none of the cards are from the same suit. That is honestly the worst state of positions a person can get and the winner is determined through the value of the highest “high card”.

Now, before a person can start playing poker, he should know the basic rules that govern this game. Different forms of poker are governed by different rules and traits. These are hence covered below.

Straight poker, also known as the grandfather of all poker, is a no-nonsense form of poker. Each player draws a hand of 5 cards once and they start betting. This game usually ends the quickest.

In stud poker, every player gets to pick 7 cards up. From this 7 cards, he chooses and makes his hand of 5 cards on which bets are placed.

Draw poker is a game in which players are allowed to “throw away” or exchange undesirable cards for a random new card in order to make the best possible hand of 5 cards to bet upon.

Community poker, which is a major online poker game, is played by having each player be given an incomplete hand of cards. They are then supposed to complete their hand of cards by choosing from “community” cards whose values are visible to all the players. Upon completion of hand, bets are placed.

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