Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing system, which basically works through what it calls ‘energy attunement’ that is, the rebalancing of the body’s natural energy with the universal vital energy, out of the understanding that it is the falling out of balance of such energies which causes the various illnesses, or ‘injuries’ as they are known in Reiki circles.

To be a Reiki practitioner, you have to take a Reiki course, as Reiki is not something that you can really teach yourself. This comes out of the fact that the energy attunements, which are main healing media in Reiki have to be conferred to a practitioner, and they can only be conferred by a practitioner who has attained the third degree of Reiki training and thus become a Reiki master.

Thankfully, you can also find Reiki courses online, though depending on the Reiki school of though the people offering it subscribe to, you might be required to be physically present for your graduation in order to have the relevant attunements conferred to you. There are of course some a course in miracles schools of thought in Reiki practice that hold the belief that you don’t have to be actually physically present for you to receive your attunements, as the attunements can be send to you remotely, through the use of the various Reiki symbols that are also used to effect remote healing for various conditions.

The first step towards finding Reiki courses online will be to conduct a search on the various online Reiki courses on offer. At this stage, it is important to explore the field extensively, and see what each website offering these courses has to offer – and thereby resist the lazy tendency to go with the first online Reiki course that comes your way when you enter the relevant search, as that first course may not necessarily be the best for you.

Among the specific things you should look for in the Reiki online courses include the people offering it, the course content and the cost of the course.

With regard to the people offering it, ideally, you should take your Reiki courses from people who have real life experience in the practice of Reiki, as well as people who have a passion for Reiki. It is only people in these categories who are likely to have the level of knowledge to answer any difficult questions about the practicalities of Reiki that might arise somewhere along the course of study.

With regard to the course content of the online Reiki course you consider signing up, you should ensure that it is comprehensive enough to translate to quality training – so that you don’t end up being conferred with Reiki attunements while still having critical knowledge gaps. You should also compare the various Reiki online courses in terms of course content before you finally settle for any of them.

With regard to the cost of the course, you need to go for the most cost-effective Reiki online course, which may not necessarily be the cheapest, ensuring that you at least get extra value for every extra dollar you spent.


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