What was the first thing you did when you moved into your home? You probably started by painting the walls to colors other that white that you found tall tv stand more soothing and welcoming. Then, you probably started adding bits and pieces of home decor that brought out your personality and lifestyle and started pulling the house together to create a home. After you finished with the interior, though, did you make it any further? Have you ever thought about adding garden decor to your lawn to extend your own personal flavor to the garden, much like you did inside your home?

Using your creative juices to add garden furniture and ornaments that are conducive to your style can bring color and character to the outside part of your abode. Remember, your home is more that just the interior, so your home decor should extend to the entire property, including your personal lawn and garden. You should feel comfortable and at peace in your yard just as if it were a room in your home. That means furnishing the back yard with home garden furniture and ornaments that are pleasant to the eye, as well as seating that can make you and any visitors comfortable when entertaining outdoors.

Home decor is about personality and personal style preferences. In most rooms of the house, you have probably opted for a specific decorative theme that pulls all the furniture and home decor together. Consider your garden another room in the house, and make your design with garden decor a continuation of yourself within that space. Don’t worry what others think – after all, you did exactly as you pleased within your home. Perhaps you are concerned with the beautification of the yard because neighbors and passers-by can see this particular “room” and its home decor. However, just as you chose your living room design where you invite people into your home and your life, you will be choosing the home garden decor that is within your range of taste to show the world just who you are.

You have just as many options with garden decor as you do with interior home decor. Just as you can paint a room any of thousands of colors, there are patio furniture sets in hundreds of colors, fountains in a rainbow of varieties, and smaller home garden ornaments in brilliant colors to bring vibrant life to your once ordinary lawn and garden. You can add character as well with quirky garden decor, including pieces like cartoon character statuettes, scrap metal sculptures, and even mischievous little garden gnomes, an old favorite.

When you have completed your garden design, you should feel as comfortable about the garden ornaments, furniture, and accent pieces in your lawn/patio as you do with the home decor in any other room of your house. The yard is really just an extension of the home, which you paid for when you bought the property. As long as you are customizing the home decor, you should be sure not to forget the garden decor, since this will often be your “home away from home”, where you’ll take your daily vacation and simply leave the real world for a bit of peace and solitude in a world of color and imagination that you’ve created.

I enjoy the outdoors, and watching the landscape mature and change during the summer season. If you enjoy gardening, you can add to your pleasure and help your environment by adding flowers for the bees, birds and butterflies.


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