Freight handlers are hired by warehouses and distribution companies to unload their inbound freight. Freight handlers for warehouses have offices on site and on site management. They generally use the forklifts and pallet jacks provided by the warehouse. There job is primary operations as they play a major role in not only the inbound freight but now they are starting to be used for outbound freight because they are so cost effective. Freight handlers are contracted through the warehouses and distribution centers for terms anywhere from one year to five years. Now here is where the warehouses and distribution centers save money and the freight handlers come in. It is the vendors responsibility to deliver the freight to the specific slot size of the warehouse. The carrier once arriving at the warehouse has the option of unloading their own freight or hiring a freight handler. The freight handlers on staff are generally sitting around unpaid until the truck arrives.

Here is a major benefit for the warehouse, the  learn more   warehouse has a full time third party staff on hand that is not costing anything in the dead time, basically they are not on the clock. Once the driver decides to hire it is the responsibility for the unloader to unload the truck. The driver pays for the unloading of the semi truck, this is another benefit of having freight handlers. The unloading of the freight costs the warehouse or distribution nothing. Another great benefit of this transaction is the warehouse and distribution center gets a rebate or cash back on all the business that is generated. Its a wining situation for both parties. Freight handlers can also be trained to do all duties around the warehouse. Then when you company employee’s are starting to go into overtime hours you can release them and use the lumper service employee’s to fill these positions. This is a great way keep hours low and profits high.

The unloading service of the freight are get paid by the load, case, or pallet, they are generally never on a hourly pay. This is great for productivity as they will diligently work hard to keep productivity high as it would hurt their paycheck if they are not productive. Just one more great plus for the warehouse or distribution facility.

Good freight handling services provide productivity reports on a weekly basis so that they can analyze where they are having problems and come up with a resolution to keep control of the docks. Good freight services can assist you in the hiring process by letting you hire their staff. This gives you the advantage of trying before you buy. The best services do not even charge you for this benefit. This can be great free training grounds for your future employee’s and gives you time to see how well they work. By outsourcing you can grow you warehouse or distribution service strong.

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